Spark Plugs

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This Spark Plug is an RC12YC made by Champion

Fits the following MTD Models:

  • 13AA625P004, 13AJ795G004, 13AL795H004, 13AA625P004, 13AJ771G004, 13AJ771G204, 13AJ795G004, 13AJ795G204, 13AL771H004, 13AL795H004

  • 21AB452A004, 21A-392B004, 21AB452A004

  • 17AC2ACG004RZT-4217, 17AD2ACP004RZT-5017, 17AE2ACG00417, 17AF2ACP00417

  • 31AH5ZLH704, 31AH6ZLG704, 31AM63LF704

  • 14AA815K004

  • MMZ-2554, MMZ-2560

  • 1332, 1332G, 1332G, 1336, 1336G, 1336G

  • 214, 216, 2054F, 2260F

  • 31AM62KE704, 13AA625P304, 13AA625P372, 13AA625P401, 13AA625P720, 13AA625P730, 13AA625P301, 13AA625P709, 13AA625P371, 13AA625P307, 13AA625P513, 13AA625P713, 13AA625P382, 13AA625P000, 13AA625P121, 13AA625P205, 13AA625P705, 13AA625P706, 13AA625P026, 13AA625P726, 13AA625P054, 13AA625P745, 13AA625P754, 13AA625P704, 13AA625P029, 13AA625P229, 13AA625P134, 13AA625P138, 13AA625P729, 13AA625P929, 13AA625P129, 13AA625P151, 13AA625P206, 13AA625P308, 13AA625P033, 13AA625P019, 13AA625P057, 13AA625P118, 13AA625P131, 13AA625P022, 13AA625P722, 13AA625P002, 13AA625P715, 13AA625P077, 13AA625P977, 13AA625P777, 13AA625P724, 13AA625P105, 13AA625P009, 13AA625P016, 13AA625P145, 13AA625P196, 13AA625P719, 13AA625P098, 13AJ795G304, 13AJ795G372, 13AJ795G401, 13AJ795G720, 13AJ795G730, 13AJ795G301, 13AJ795G709, 13AJ795G371, 13AJ795G307, 13AJ795G513, 13AJ795G713, 13AJ795G382, 13AJ795G000, 13AJ795G121, 13AJ795G205, 13AJ795G705, 13AJ795G706, 13AJ795G026, 13AJ795G726, 13AJ795G054, 13AJ795G745, 13AJ795G754, 13AJ795G704, 13AJ795G029, 13AJ795G229, 13AJ795G134, 13AJ795G138

  • Bolens: 13AM762F065, 13AM762F765, 13AM762F265, 13AM762F765

  • Troy-Bilt: 12AI869F011, 12AI869G211, 12AI86K1066, 12AI86K2266, 12AI839F011, 12AI839G211, 12AI83K1066, 12AI83K2266, 21C-644A211, 21C-644A266, 21C-644D211, 21C-644D266, 21C-654A266, 21C-654D211, 24A-672G011, 24A-672G066, 24AD597D711LS33T, 24AD597D766LS33T

  • Yard Machines: 13AL771H029

  • YardMan: 13AC762F755, 13AM772G755, 13AO772H755, 13AN772G055, 13AO771H055, 13AO772G055, 13AX615G055, 13AX605G755, 13BX605G755, 13RN772G055, 13AN771G755, 13AO771H055, 13AP605H755

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